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How to charge Free Fire gems from the official website of Free Fire Diamonds using the ID


How to charge Free Fire gems from the official game site FRee Fire Diamonds using ID – educate me

One of the most famous battle royale games is the Free fire game, which is similar to the same idea as the PUBG game, but differs in the way of playing and in the design and system of the game. Cards and seasons that match those combat levels, and there are some fake sites to buy gems, so we offer you a way to ship Free Fire gems from the original site.

How to charge free fire gems from the game site

And through the original Free Fire game site, the gems can be shipped as follows with ID, which is a 100% legal and honest method:

  • After opening the game, the area you are in is selected from the website menu.
  • The site shows some instructions for how to ship gems, you must select Free Fire among the group of other video games.
  • The word “purchase” is selected and the value of the package to be shipped.
  • Thus, the Free Fire gems are added to your personal account on the game.
  • It is one of the honest and proven ways of charging and is done through a computer, Android, iPhone or PlayStation.

Jewelry Free fire Lam 2021

Free Fire jewelry prices vary according to each region and the other according to the currency used, and these gems are available with a set of gifts that combine according to the value of each package to ship the jewelry, and anyone around the world who is fans and players of the Free Fire game can use the previous method to ship Free Fire jewelry.

Where Free Fire is one of the latest and best fighting games after PUBG, and the method of charging gems is one of the legal ways to win and win battles and reach higher levels in the game.

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