How many championships for the Saudi team in the Asian Nations Cup?


The Saudi national team is one of the top Arab teams with what it has presented throughout its history at the continental and international levels, and with the Asian Cup approaching, how many times did Al-Akhdar win the competition?

The Saudi national team has a great history, whether on the continental level or at the global level, where Al-Akhdar has always been present in various competitions and was a major player and champion for a large part of them.

On the continental level, the Saudi national team is one of the oldest and most important teams in the Asian continent, and throughout its history it has always been an alarm bell for all the teams competing for the Asian Nations Cup.

With the guarantee of the Saudi team’s qualification for the Asian Nations Cup in the 2023 edition to be held on Chinese soil, we review the history of the Arab giant in this combined tournament.

It is true that the recent participation of Saudi Arabia in the Asian World Cup was not as required, but history tells us an important fact, which is that the green is always and always among the champions.

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Now we review everything related to the Saudi national team’s participation in the Asian Nations Cup.

How many championships for the Saudi team in the Asian Cup?

The Saudi team has won the Asian Nations Cup three times, and is the second most successful team after the record holder, Japan, who won the tournament on four occasions.

The Saudi national team has also reached the final of the Asian Nations Cup on three other occasions, and was not successful in it, to be the second most ranked team in the championship three times after South Korea (4 times).

TitleThe number of times it is achieved
Asian Nations Cup3 (1984، 1988، 1996)

What is the history of the Saudi national team’s participation in the Asian Cup?

The Saudi national team was born big since its first participation in the Asian Cup. It was the champion of the competition with its first participation in 1984, in the tournament that was held in Malaysia.

Al-Akhdar maintained its title in the next edition, and won its second Asian Cup in 1988 on Qatari soil.

In the 1992 edition in Japan, the Saudi team succeeded in reaching the final, but lost to the hosts and was satisfied with the silver medal.

Soon, the Green Knights returned to the title again, having achieved it in the 1996 edition in the Emirates.

In the 2000 edition, the Saudi national team suffered its second defeat in the final, and by chance, it was also at the hands of Japan.

As for the 2004 edition in China, it was the lowest participation in Saudi history, as the team was eliminated from the group stage for the first time.

In 2007, Saudi Arabia returned strongly and reached the final before losing it to its sister Iraq, with the famous Younis Mahmoud goal.

The last three editions were very disappointing for the Saudis, in 2011 and 2015, Al-Akhdar was eliminated from the group stage.

As for his last participation in the 2019 edition in the UAE, it ended with his exit from the round of 16.

Asian Cup 1984Hero
Asian Cup 1988Hero
Asian Cup 1992runner-up
Asian Cup 1996Hero
Asian Cup 2000 كأسrunner-up
AFC Asian Cup 2004Leaving the group stage
2007 Asian Cuprunner-up
2011 Asian CupLeaving the group stage
2015 Asian CupLeaving the group stage
Asian Cup 2019Getting out of the round of 16


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