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Web applications have become increasingly useful in recent years, because they are basically applications that run in your web browser.

In this regard it works Microsoft On bringing the popular OneDrive cloud storage app as a web app to popular web browsers.

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Usually you can access the cloud storage application through the file explorer or the taskbar.

But now using it as a web app might be much easier to manage and upload files and Microsoft is well aware of that.

What are Microsoft’s plans to develop the OneDrive app?

Microsoft has already published road map It outlines all upcoming development of the OneDrive app.

The map shows that the company is already developing a version of the app as a Progressive Web Application, or PWA.

It will be published for browsers that support this type of web application, which will work similarly to the application you use on the desktop.

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The PWA version of the OneDrive app is the next step up from the regular web app, as it can take on a similar look to the desktop app.

Instead, you can use it directly in your web browser.

This release is scheduled for July, so you may be able to manage your files in the app from within any browser soon.

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Why is launching a progressive web version of OneDrive important?

The main goal is ease of use, as we use browsers the web daily on computers and smartphones.

For all kinds of tasks, such as creating documents and editing photos, entering another application can pause your workflow.

In addition to wasting time trying to find a specific file in the cloud storage service you are using.

Then selecting the OneDrive app icon in your chosen web browser, searching for the file in question, and then dragging it directly into the project you’re working on is very easy.

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