How does sexual abuse affect children’s mental health?


Few people know how to understand the mental health problems that occur after sexual harassment. “Almost any common form of emotional or psychological distress can be experienced after sexual harassment, and people may experience anxiety or depression,” said Jennifer Freed, a professor of psychology at the University of Oregon. Some children can even be diagnosed with PTSD, and the effects may not appear for years.”Farid continued: “Repeated exposure of children to harassment can lead to severe psychological disturbance, so parents should talk with children, and identify the cause of the noticeable change in personality, which can appear in the constant fear of others and the desire for isolation and silence.”

The psychology professor added: “Sexual harassment of children can entail a greater threat to the well-being of the child, because he feels fear towards everyone, especially if the harasser is one of the people close to him, and not only provides all the negative consequences of any sexual assault, but also affects the The child’s ability to study or play sports and talk with colleagues.


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