How did Ghada Abdel Razek respond to the accusation of Rania Youssef?


Some time ago, the Egyptian artist, Rania Youssef, accused her co-star, Ghada Abdel Razek, of wanting to become a star at the expense of any of her fellow artists.

Ghada Abdel Razek listened to the (bell) call and the most beautiful picture of her!

Ghada I replied On Charge Rania to her, Intervals: (not compute it On Phrase she said it و .كيد Hadd Words high).

as such confirmed that All who are they Follow up other Across social media, What Means that their relationship each other some good.

وتعود quarrels between the two artists to me Scenes their work together at MovieReclame، Where broke out many From problems between them accused Rania her colleague Ghada It looking About stardom Until loOn Account others, and described it with fish big hungry Eat the fish smallest Of which.

Read: 3 children were killed in the Ghada Abdel Razek series and violent criticism!

و .ضافت that Ghada she Which Industry the film Entire I agreed On Directed by director From the work, So farthing for her requests increase Number her sights, On though From that Scenario It was writtenequally between them, illustrated It will not Working With Ghada Once Other.

From its side I replied the artist Ghada From During a programfrankness freeIt watched What she said Rania, illustrated It love her, And it may be Fell at Trap the program ووصفت her words paradoxically.

clarified It she spoke With Rania to visualize poster the film with her, How? So looking acquisition On Full the film.


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