How can you see Snapchat stories without following the person?


Snapchat has a large user base who shoot and publish millions of stories every day.A person cannot add all Snapchat users to their follow list, so the platform offers a range of ways that allow you to view the stories and content of users that you have not added.

The importance of this feature lies in discovering new content, where you can get information from outside your circle of acquaintances.But you can’t see Snapchat Stories posted by users you haven’t added unless they are “public” (i.e. public) stories. This means that you can only view private stories if you have permission from their publishers.

There are some apps and websites that claim the ability to bypass Snapchat’s privacy settings, but these methods are not official. Using these methods means that you put your account data and stories at risk of being stolen, and your Snapchat account may be permanently banned.

Discover on Snapchat

You can access other users’ stories and things that are popular on Snapchat through the Discover feature.It is a way to view the trending stories and to know the “trend” on the platform. You can follow these steps to get to it:

After you open the Snapchat app, move the screen to the left until you reach the “Discovery” menu.

After that, move the screen up to reach more stories on the platform.

Here you will find all the popular and new stories from different companies and different creators on the platform.

When you reach a story you like and want to view it, click on the image to start viewing it, and through this window you can share the story or write a comment on it and publish it as well.

To return to the Discover menu, drag the screen down. To discover more stories, you must swipe the screen to the left or right as you wish.

This feature is one of the platform’s ways to customize the content and make it closer to you, where you can see stories published in the area around you, and this includes various events and stories from content creators surrounding you and other things.

In order to access it, you must follow these steps:

-When you open the application, move the screen to the left, after that you need to move the screen up until you finish the stories of all your friends.

-You’ll find Live Stories under your friends’ stories. The platform marks “Live” directly above the story that is happening.

After that, you can click on the story until you view it, and you can control the stories here like the rest of the application.


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