Housework threatens you with a deficiency of this vitamin


02:00 am

Tuesday 08 June 2021


The magazine “Apoteken Omshaw” warned that domestic work in light of the Corona pandemic raises the risk of developing vitamin D deficiency, which is of great importance for muscle and bone health and the immune system.

The German health magazine explained that the reason for this is that the body needs sunlight to be able to build this vitamin on its own, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”.

To help the body build vitamin D, one does not need to take a long sunbath, but rather expose the face, hands, arms and legs to sunlight daily.

In addition to exposure to sunlight, the body can be supplied with vitamin D by eating foods rich in it, such as salmon, eggs and mushrooms.

Apotecen Omshaw warned against taking vitamin D supplements without consulting a doctor; Because excessive intake of vitamin D increases the risk of developing kidney stones or kidney calcification.


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