Houria Farghaly resumes filming “Innocence of Raya and Sakina” and reads 3 new scenarios


The artist, Houria Farghali, receives several offers in drama and cinema in order to participate in them during the coming period, and so far she has received 3 offers to participate in them, including offers that compete outside the upcoming Ramadan race.

Farghali returns to resume filming the movie “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, which is shared by the artist Wafaa Amer, Menna Fadali, Ahmed Mounir, Ashraf Moselhi, Mohsen Mansour, Yasser Ali Maher, Lotfi Labib, Aida Ghoneim, Sharif Baher, Shams, Hassan Abdel Fattah and Ashraf Tolba, story, script and dialogue by Ahmed Ashour, directed by Syrian Abdel Qader. Atrash.

The artist, Houria Farghaly, went out to her followers with “Live” yesterday, on her personal page on the “Facebook” website, to thank all the audience who supported her and called for her throughout her travel period in order to perform surgeries in her nose in America, and also after her return, and reassured the followers of her health condition and another its developments.”

And Houria Farghaly said in the “Live”: “Every year, you are good, Mercy very much for the number of messages you sent to me. Thank you for your support for me, your prayers, and your questions about me as long as I am traveling and even after I returned. As for the developments of treatment and convalescence, I want to tell you that I am like Jasmine, The doctor is very happy and I am very happy, my sense of smell and taste came back to me again and my voice was not muffled and I fell asleep while breathing through my nostrils.

Houria added: “Praise be to God, Lord, our Lord has given me this blessing again. I just love to reassure you that I am like walnut and have a great amount of energy, and I am in for a lot of work. It will be a surprise for Liqua and I am always accustomed to not doing a normal thing.”


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