Houria Farghaly, a member of the jury of the Miss Egypt contest, madam


As part of her plan to return strongly to the artistic community and the spotlight, the star announced Houria Farghali Joining the competition jury Miss Egypt 2021Which is scheduled for the beginning of next July, and a nymph will participate as an actress and in another capacity, she holds the title of Miss Egypt previously.

Houria Farghali
Houria Farghaly was previously crowned Miss Egypt (photo from Instagram)

Houria expressed her pride in joining the jury of the competition, which bears the name “Bint Misr”, and wrote through her account on the Instagram website: I am honored to join as a jury member Miss Egypt 2021 Wait for us next month.

It is noteworthy that Houria Farghali made her first artistic step after the success of the “nose transplant” surgery and regaining her ability to speak in a natural way, as she agreed to continue filming her role in the movie “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, which was stopped filming a long time ago due to Houria’s medical crises.

The film belongs to the category of thriller and action films, as it reveals the role of the British occupation, in fabricating the murder charges against Raya and Sakina to discredit them, stressing that the duo was in fact playing a patriotic role, which is to lure the occupation soldiers, kill and bury them, and not kill women by strangling and stealing their jewelry as previously reported.

The events of the film take place in 1920, coinciding with the current era, where a young man and a girl working in the press search for the original documents of the case of Raya and Sakina and find a person residing in the city of Alexandria who lived during this period. He met Raya and Sakina, and told them the full true story.

The film “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, co-starring Houria Farghali, Menna Fadali, Ahmed Mounir, Ashraf Moselhi, Mohsen Mansour and Ashraf Tolba, and from the story, script and dialogue by Ahmed Ashour, and directed by the Syrian Abdel Qader Al-Atrash.

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