Houria Farghali promises her fans a surprise!


Follow up: Rahaf Ammar

The actress, Houria Farghali, wants her fans and followers to come up with a new surprise that she will announce in the coming days.

And she wrote through her official account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Ready for a surprise?”, and comments from the audience flooded her, eager to announce this surprise, wondering what kind of surprise would it be about her health condition or a new artwork that would appear through it.

Houria had announced that she was preparing to shoot her new series, “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, in the coming days, after she had performed several nose surgeries.

Houria explained that this series was contracted for three years, but after her recovery, she decided to return to filming, hoping that it would impress her audience.

She stated, “I am currently fine and in good health, and I will not undergo operations again regarding my nose, and I am scheduled to travel outside Egypt in the coming period just to check on my health.”

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