Hong Kong car park sells for record $1.3 million | around the world


A simple car park in Hong Kong within a luxury apartment complex has sold for a record $1.3 million, according to local media.

The parking area is 12.5 square meters and is located in a residential complex in Peak District, the city’s most exclusive and luxurious area, on one of the mountains overlooking Hong Kong Island.

While the wealthiest residents spend millions of dollars to buy their dream homes, millions of residents struggle to pay the rent for their tiny apartments that are often smaller than a parking lot.

A report published by the Swiss bank “UBS” in 2019 indicated that a “qualified worker” needs the equivalent of an income of 22 years to be able to buy an apartment of 60 square meters, while this step required 12 years ten years ago. Meanwhile, wages have barely risen since 2008.

Another study in the same year estimated the average price of a property in Hong Kong at about $1.2 million.

Last February, a new apartment of 313 square meters, consisting of five floors, was sold for the equivalent of $59 million, at a record price per square meter of $17,500.


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