Hoda Saad announces the news of her divorce and the reason for hiding it for a year | news


Moroccan singer Hoda Saad confirmed the news of her divorce, after a whole year of hiding it from the Moroccan press and media.

Hoda Saad said in exclusive statements to the ET Arabic program that the news of her separation from her husband and the father of her only son is true and that it took place a year ago, but she made sure to hide the news.

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Saad explained that she hid the news because of her strong desire to keep her private life away from the spotlight, especially since she was keen on this since the beginning of her artistic career.

Hoda Saad’s marriage to a businessman outside the artistic community lasted for nearly five years and resulted in her only child, “Fares”.

Interestingly, the news of Hoda Saad’s divorce was repeated a year ago, specifically with its occurrence, but at the time she indirectly denied the news and published a picture of a bouquet of roses through her account on the Instagram website and said: I came to give positive energy and love to my followers and there is no place for negatives in my world, as your love is impossible to waste your time or not We keep you busy with trivial matters, my brothers, and I wish you were happy.”

And she concluded her comment, exciting her fans for a new artwork, saying: “Wait for my new artwork soon.”

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