Hidden crimes.. Exciting developments in the case of the murder of a Syrian youth in Nancy Ajram’s villa


An investigator and expert forensic evidence revealed that the Lebanese judiciary summoned the actress Nancy Ajram and her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, to investigate the murder of the Syrian youth, Muhammad Al-Mousa, stressing that behind this crime were other crimes that Al-Hashem tried to cover up.Investigator Hala Ould Rob, who is familiar with the judicial details and facts of the crime, said that the murder of the Syrian young man, Muhammad Al-Mousa, in the villa of the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and the doctor Fadi Al-Hashem last year, is a premeditated murder and not in self-defense.

The investigator added, during a meeting on the “Russia Today” channel, that the Lebanese judiciary summoned Nancy Ajram for the first time to interrogate her tomorrow, Tuesday, in the murder case, not to testify, noting that Nancy’s previous testimony before the judiciary is questionable, especially that she claimed that she had sustained injuries to her foot as a result of being hit by the bullet envelope while It is not possible, according to the investigator.

She confirmed that the surveillance camera recording submitted to the Public Prosecution includes a number of errors that occurred during the montage process, especially that the recording was taken from several cameras, and stressed that the crime did not originally occur inside the house, but rather within its external walls.
Regarding the causes of the crime, she said: The available evidence data indicates that the young man, Muhammad Al-Mousa, was acquainted with some matters and data that may pose a danger to Al-Hashem, his family, his wife, and some of the partners who work with him, which necessitated his disposal. She explained that Al-Mousa was informed, at the request of Al-Hashem, of a deal that did not take place with one of the parties, and attended a meeting as an escort.

She pointed out that the young Syrian victim did not hold refugee status, but was in Lebanon before the Syrian revolution, and was hesitant and working at home 6 months before the crime, and he has no right to any violation or previous misdemeanour.

And the villa of the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram in Lebanon, witnessed early last year the murder of a Syrian young man, as Nancy and her husband claimed at the time that the victim entered the house with the intention of stealing.


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