Hey Pictures :: A Syrian young man breaks the Saudi “Guinness” record, as the youngest physical strength player in the world… Photos and video


The Syrian national taekwondo player, Sami Jumaa Hassan, has set the Guinness World Record for the push-up exercise with side jump.The victory achieved by the young Jumaa (16 years old), also qualified him to be classified as the youngest physical strength player around the world, and this came after his success in breaking the barrier of 46 repetitions in one minute, which was scored by a 33-year-old Saudi player, who resides in the United States of America and has one The biggest gym is out there.

Hassan Ibn Rural Lattakia was able to break the record with only his passion, ambition and will, defying the difficulties he was facing, the most important of which was the lack of the necessary capabilities to help him develop his abilities and physical fitness, especially in light of the difficult living conditions that the Syrians are enduring as a result of the Western siege on their country.

Hassan told “Sputnik”: “I used to go to the club in the early morning to train on machines, especially those related to iron games, before the club was filled with trainees, and I also went in the evening to exercise and run to raise my level of physical fitness, which are things that are not available to me. at home”.
Hassan, a player in the national team since 2018, has been the Republic’s champion in taekwondo since 2014, and in his sports record he has 4 republican championships, 5 championships at the governorate level, and an international championship for winning second place in the Beirut International Championship in 2019.

The passion for sport and the ambition that he had since childhood, were the motive that qualified Hassan, the international champion of Taekwondo in Syria, to achieve his goal, and his ambition continues to unleash greater successes, pinning his hopes on broader support from the General Sports Federation to achieve more international championships.

Hassan tells “Sputnik”: “Since the beginning of 2020, I have been dreaming of entering the Guinness Book of Records by breaking the record for push-ups with side jumps, which was recorded by a Saudi player 40 repetitions in one minute.”

Driven by ambition charged with passion, Hassan recounts how he used to spend eight hours a day training in push-ups and fitness that required great effort, focus and daily perseverance to improve his fitness. Hassan adds: “A year and a half I had no other goal in my head than to break the push-up record. With the side-jumping, I was eagerly waiting to turn 16, which is the inevitable condition set by Guinness World Records to allow a player to participate in it.”

“Pride, joy, tears and crying… a mixture of feelings that cannot be described in words”, thus Hassan summed up what happened to him when they called him from the Guinness Group management to tell him that he broke the record and entered the Guinness Book, and added: “Nothing is impossible when a person has the will and ambition, There are no controls governing the dream and passion, and nothing is equivalent to happiness in achieving the dream, especially my feeling when I received the certificate and medal that was sent to me from the Guinness Group management.”

Hassan, who started learning taekwondo when he was five years old, became attached to it and became a beloved sport that he invests in to improve his physical fitness and activate his intellectual energies, as he says: “Taekwondo and I grew up together, every year my skills and physical fitness increased, until I became aware that I and this sport inseparable.”

Hassan Al-Mashaq’s ambition, with the pride that he possesses after entering “Guinness” and being ranked as the youngest player in the encyclopedia, will not stop at breaking the record for push-ups with side jumping, as confirmed by Hassan, but will go beyond it to circulate his name locally and internationally by participating in international championships and raising the name and flag of Syria high. And breaking more than one Guinness World Record for strength and fitness exercises.

In turn, the international referee, Esper Elias, coach of the Syrian Taekwondo team and head of the coaches committee in Syria, told “Sputnik”: “Hassan succeeded in breaking the record for push-ups with side jumping, due to his physical fitness that came as a result of the effort and tireless training for more than year, and his ambition was to break the record for this exercise.”

Elias added, “Hassan used to exercise intensely daily, and I trained him to raise the level of physical fitness through anaerobic breathing exercises, and the physical strength of the muscles that are under pressure, such as the stomach, spine and feet.”

Elias continued: “When Hassan completed 16 years of age and reached a level where he could break the record, we wrote to the management of the Guinness Group and filmed a video of Hassan doing a push-up with side jumping 46 in one minute by four high-resolution cameras, so that the player was photographed from the sides The four to ensure that he performs the challenge without any errors, under the supervision of four international referees.

Elias indicated that the videos were sent to the group management on 11-3-2021, which made sure that there were no errors in the exercise, and then they called Hassan and congratulated him for winning the record for push-ups with lateral jumping and categorizing him as the youngest physical strength player around The world enters the Guinness Book of Records.


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