Here the ascetic reassures her fans of her mother’s health condition – in the picture


The Egyptian actress sufferedhere asceticOver the past few days, she worried about her mother’s health, who was admitted to the hospital and subsequently underwent a delicate surgery.
Al-Zahid revealed that her mother had become in a better health condition and that she was discharged from the hospital and will complete her treatment at home, by publishing a picture of her mother on her social networking site page through the “Story” feature and wrote: “Thank you to all the people who called me and visited us and who sent me, thank God we got out of the hospital.” And we will complete the treatment at home. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.”
And here, the ascetic, asked her followers to pray for her mother after the ill health she suffered, and she sent them a message in which she said: “I hope to pray for my mothers that they will be cured well.


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