Here is the identity of the person who slapped Macron


Sources familiar with the investigations pointed out that the man who was reported to have slapped French President Emmanuel Macron in the face runs a club for lovers of medieval fencing and has no previous criminal record.

A police source identified the suspect as Damian Tarrell, 28, and local prosecutors said he was being investigated for assaulting a public servant, Reuters news agency reported.

Macron was on a pulse-pounding tour of the country after the coronavirus pandemic and less than a year before the presidential election when he was slapped in the face as he greeted a small crowd of pedestrians in southern France.

Tarrell was wearing a khaki shirt when he shouted “Down with the macaroni”, then gave a war cry to the French army in the era of the monarchy.

A source closely linked to the investigation described him as looking a bit lost and eccentric.

The source added that Tarrell and another man were still being held on Wednesday. A charge of assaulting a public official carries a penalty of three years in prison and a fine of up to 45,000 euros


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