Here are the most important surprises “Microsoft” at its conference on Windows 11


An extraordinary conference organized by the global software company “Microsoft” will be launched within hours to announce the new generation of the Windows operating system.

According to The Verge, the conference will be presented by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadala, and Director of Product Division, Panos Banaya.

It is expected that Microsoft will reveal details of the modifications it made to the Windows operating system, and introduce them in the new generation, including a set of improvements to the capabilities of the system for display.

In addition to a number of expected changes to the user interface, under the name of Kodi Sun Valley, the event’s followers may be surprised by Microsoft’s unveiling of a completely new design for the famous “Windows” operating system logo.

Microsoft had announced its endeavor to develop display technology after it detected lapses in the Windows 10X operating system, which the American company decided to stop working with, and integrate it with the basic version of Windows 10.

Among the expected updates within this event, Microsoft will announce the Windows Store application, which the company has been working on developing over the past months, based on Nadella’s promise to developers with more technical facilities that support their applications, with news circulating about Microsoft’s intention to make its online store available for all types of Applications and electronic payment platforms.


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