Here are the misconceptions about love


Emotional relationships face many challenges, so the two partners must show awareness and determination to confront and discover the other, dialogue with him, bring their views closer and draw steps for the future.

1. You should not strive to make the relationship work
True love is how to compromise, plan for the future, and resolve every argument between the two parties. Dialogue is necessary and sometimes it is difficult to find a partner whose values ​​match yours. And things will not be 100% easy, and both parties have to work on the success of the relationship and the preservation of love.

2. The right person will intuitively know how to love you
True adult love is not based on flowers and romance. It is based on openness, honesty and making the relationship work. If you want a real long-term relationship, start expressing what you want from your partner, and listening to what he needs.

3. Love is all you need to make a relationship work
Love is a great starting point for a relationship. You need much more than love to make a relationship thrive. You need stability, understanding, and a desire to grow, both individually and in tandem. If the relationship is missing any of these components
The only thing love will do is keep you trapped in an unhealthy relationship.

4. We can hold others accountable for how we feel
When someone tells you you hurt them, you can’t say you didn’t. This is a misconception. We must listen to what our partners say and realize how our actions affect their feelings. If the person you’re dating has a completely different idea of ​​what hurts in a relationship, you should choose to either stay with them and continue to feel insulted.

5- It is the responsibility of others to heal you
Emotional relationships are sometimes painful, especially if there is betrayal from one of the parties, which hinders new relationships for a while. But the responsibility to recover from this pain rests with you. You should help yourself, open up to a new relationship, and make use of your traumatic experience to continue your life with a suitable partner.

6. We can save each other through love
Love is an incredible force that can inspire, direct, and energize you. But what love can’t do is save you from yourself. If you are mentally or physically ill, do not hesitate to seek necessary help. Love is a wonderful thing, but it is not a substitute for professional help.


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