Hedy Karam responds harshly to followers because of this video


The Egyptian actress raisedHeidi Karam​, a widespread controversy among followers because of a video in which she appears to exercise with her son.
Hedy Karam posted a video on her personal account on the social networking site, accompanied by her son, while they were practicing sport of pressure, and commented on the video, saying: “The life of his mother’s heart .. We take them when they are young and remove us when they are old.”
Hedy Karam received sharp criticism and an attack from followers after publishing the video, which made her respond and launch a sharp attack with videos she published, in which she said: “Sick and crazy people.”
And she continued: “Seriously, you are sick people.. The video that I downloaded with my son, the comments, not all of them.. There are people who wish me and wish him health and are happy with him and bless me for him and bless me with him.. But there are some people who are sick.. Very funny, seriously.. You are disgusting, not me.. I am making a spontaneous video with my son.. Disgust in your brain, stupidity, backwardness, and disease in your brain.. God is with you.. I don’t know what to tell you.


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