Hedy Karam: A study proves that 61% of women are happier after divorce (video) | news


In today’s episode of the “On E” channel, presented by the media, Sherihan Abu Al-Hassan, and the two artists, Nihal Anbar and Hedy Karam, the “Ragel and 2 Sett” program discussed the issue of women’s divorce.

Hedy Karam said that there are studies that confirmed that 61% of women are happier after divorce and are satisfied with their situation outside of marriage.

Heidi revealed what happened to her after her divorce from her husband, saying: I am like any woman who divorced and we go through the same stages, and what draws my attention is the different stages that women go through after divorce and men go through after divorce.

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She noted that after a divorce, a woman, even if the request for divorce is from her, is shaken, broken, and blinded, and she fears facing society and criticizing, but the man feels his freedom and feels that he has returned to his youth and left the responsibility on him, so he is refreshed.

And Hedy Karam continued: “After a period of divorce, the woman regains her good psyche again, but the man experiences a bad psyche. The woman realizes that she is more comfortable and happy and has organized her life after the divorce, but the man begins to feel that no one cares about him as much as his wife was interested in, and he eats ready-made food and not from The house,” noting that throughout her life she takes care of herself, whether during her marriage or after divorce.

The “Man and 2 Women” program presents, in its various paragraphs, a generous dose of topics of interest to all members of the Arab family, in addition to the topics and serious issues discussed by the program, by specialists, and also for laughter, humor and entertainment a large share of the program’s paragraphs throughout the days of the week.

The program also presents important social issues and useful advice regarding the Egyptian and Arab families and their ambitions. It will also present problems, modern issues and success stories in society with a new perspective.

During the past hours, the name of the artist, Hedy Karam, was among the most searched on Google because of a video she published in which she appeared with her son doing some exercise and carrying her on his back.

Heidi was criticized and some hurtful comments from a few of her followers, who saw that the video was inappropriate, to defend herself, stressing that she was sad about the wrong thinking of some, and she appeared in a video via the short stories feature on her Instagram account and described these comments as patients. .

Heidi bravely met all the criticism, because she did not do anything. Anyone who follows her knows that she loves to share her fans with spontaneous videos of her with her family, as she does with her mother in “Heidi’s Diaries and Heidi’s Mother.” So, despite these criticisms, she did not turn off the comment feature on the video or even enter arguing with critics.

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