Heba Al-Dari and Nawaf Al-Ali in the first photo session after the end of the separation crisis, madam


After the Egyptian artist Heba Al-Dari returned to the infallibility of her husband, the Kuwaiti artist Nawaf Al-Ali, the family underwent a new filming session that was overshadowed by the nature of love and belonging to the family, with comments confirming the closure of the differences between them, and Nawaf grabbed attention with an influential comment in which he confirmed that his wife represents his years.

Heba Aldari
Heba Al-Dari published the first photo session with Nawaf Al-Ali after her return to his death

The romantic photo session was first published through the account of the Egyptian artist, Heba Al-Dari, on Instagram, and she appeared in several photos with her husband and other photos that show the entire family, and commented on her saying: One always lives, in light of his affiliations, and Nawaf put a comment in which he said: Oh my four years Red heart icons.

Nawaf published some photos in the form of a video file through his Instagram account and commented on them by saying: The family in the world is spring, and what describes the sweetness in it is sufficient.

It is noteworthy that the separation of Kuwaiti artist Nawaf Al-Ali, from his wife, the Egyptian artist residing in Kuwait, Heba Al-Dari, lasted three whole months, during which they exchanged messages of anger, but the happy ending was announced through a special account of their close friend, Kuwaiti art critic Bashar Jassim Al-Kandari via his Twitter account, and the At the time, that the separation occurred because of the rumors of mutual friends, and he said: After their separation, Nawaf Al-Ali returned to his wife Heba Al-Dari and his children. Congratulations, and may God keep the children of the Haram away from you.”

He married Nawaf Al-Ali and Heba Al-Dari on December 12, 2012, and they had “Badr” in 2014 and “Fahd” in 2017, and Nawaf Al-Ali caused a big commotion early this year on social media after adopting an alarming method, announcing his separation from the Egyptian artist Heba. Al-Dari, after a marriage that lasted 9 years, confirmed that he announces the news to absolve himself of responsibility for any action he may make or any statements she makes.

The Kuwaiti artist, Nawaf Al-Ali, chose to announce his separation from his wife, the Egyptian artist residing in Kuwait, Heba Al-Dari, through the Al-Astori feature on his account on Instagram, saying: I officially announced my separation from Heba Al-Dari, and the separation was for a while, but I did not like to announce it, but now I release my responsibility for any An act or word she said or said.

Heba Al-Dari responded to Nawaf’s post, but via the Snapchat application, saying: I am strong enough to fix what time has spoiled.

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