“Health Facts”: The jaw muscle is the strongest and the arm bones are the most vulnerable to fractures


Follow-up- Amira Khaled (echo):

Research has revealed that on a hot day, a hot drink can help keep the body cool, and the strongest muscle in the human body is not in the arms and legs but rather the jaw muscle, which can exert the most pressure.

The adult human body consists of 206 bones, 106 of which are concentrated in the hands, legs, and feet. The bones of the arms are among the most commonly fractured bones, while trans fats, which raise cholesterol levels in the blood, do not naturally contain cholesterol, but they can be harmful to cholesterol levels.

The study indicated that the flow of blood and oxygen through the body will give more energy and improve mood and can contribute to increasing levels of endorphins, the hormone that gives a feeling of comfort. Cold temperatures help reduce allergies and inflammation, think more clearly and perform daily tasks in an appropriate manner. Best.

Eating bananas improves mood, while there is a relationship between increased levels of optimism and lower levels of mortality from cancer, disease, infection and stroke, and the same applies to cases of cardiovascular disease.


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