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The crisis is “protracted.” If the state does not provide fuel, we will bring it from Iran… and let them prevent us!

BLC Bank “focuses” on the people of Hermel!

Queues of humiliation “rehearsal” ballot boxes

A bribe of $400 per month: “an anesthetic” and a “kick” for small depositors

The end of “King Bibi”: the oath is preparing to inherit the oath
Building :

Netanyahu acquiesces to the threats of the resistance and postpones the march to Tuesday…and trust in the new government Sunday

Nasrallah warns against foolishness that leads to war… and threatens to import fuel… and the elections are on time.

Intensive meetings to resolve the government contract… and new proposals… and Berri points to a decisive week
Major General:

The Stormy Choices Race: Street Chaos or Last Chance Government!

Sayyed Nasrallah threatens to import gasoline from Iran… and announces the lawyers’ uprising to approve the independent judiciary

The dollar is flying again and touches the threshold of 14 thousand.. a comprehensive strike on Tuesday

Critical government hours and anticipation of Hariri’s visit to Baabda

The Central Bank issues its awaited circular: Payment in dollars at the end of the month

Berri repeats: The problem is internal, and Sayyed Nasrallah: We will import Iranian fuel… and let them stop us

President Aoun is waiting… and Mr. Nasrallah is importing Iranian oil!

A race between last-minute attempts and apologies.. and new crises, queues in front of hospitals



Sources related to the government file said that there is a new proposal under discussion regarding the mechanism for selecting the last two ministers in the government, which goes beyond the problem of powers and sectarian dimensions in naming.

Diplomatic sources said that the administration of US President Joe Biden is managing the policy change towards the Palestinian file within the framework of ending the legacy of former President Donald Trump in parallel with providing more guarantees of protection for the occupation entity, and placed the opening of the US consulate in East Jerusalem and preventing the arrival of funding to the resistance forces in this context
Major General

Activist groups in Europe are preparing to file lawsuits on financial issues that deal with personalities who have rotated in the financial authority in the past years.

The vanguards of alternatives began to loom on the horizon if the weather remains gloomy until the day after tomorrow, Friday..
Opinion polls showed a significant decline in the support of parties and currents, amid widespread anger over the failure of their representatives to protect the most basic rights of the people.

It was learned that a parliamentary personality had a health problem during her presence in the House of Representatives, which led to her unconsciousness, which necessitated the intervention of the Parliament’s guards to provide her with assistance.

One of the ministers intends to leave Lebanon to rest and spend three months with his family abroad.
home call

It turned out that the letter of the Director General of Social Security, Muhammad Karaki, addressed to Chief Medical Officer Laila Al-Haber, which included a request that the number of approvals for hospitalization requests that will be given in 2021 should not exceed the 200,000 approvals, and came against the background of private hospitals’ demands to reduce the ceiling of their losses.

The price of tips in the financial and real estate departments increased due to the deterioration of the lira in the absence of any oversight from the Ministry of Finance, the Central Inspection and the security services.

It was learned that an official Yemeni delegation is visiting Lebanon, the fourth time, to demand the return of the Yemeni government’s money in the banks, estimated at $256 million, which the Yemeni government had set up to protect it from opposition control. The delegation, in cooperation with the Governor of the Banque du Liban, seeks to reach a mechanism that secures the installment of part of the money and the possibility of paying the rest of the reserves.

Youth and university groups began to organize internal trips in most Lebanese regions for tourism and to secure job opportunities for young people in light of the widespread unemployment among their ranks.

A political reference intervened to address an individual problem, and told his party leaders that disagreement is forbidden and communication with everyone is required, and it will not cover anyone, regardless of their position.
A bank refused to open a new temporary account for newlyweds to organize the list of gifts, which prompted them not to put the list of gifts on the wedding card

A number of hospitals began requiring those insured in social security and other funds affiliated with official institutions to pay cash and collect the amounts later from the guarantor institutions.
the news

It was noted that the appearance of one of the characters was accompanied by promotion on the communication sites from groups with known backgrounds.

A political team is witnessing sharp contrasts between its main personalities who live in what looks like a cold war.

Source: Newspapers


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