Headed by the Ismaili star.. Musimani requests the inclusion of these deals to Al-Ahly


Thursday, 10-06-2021
08:26 AM
Ahmed Adel Shaaban

Sources within Al-Ahly club revealed the management’s plan to support the team in coordination with Mosimane.The sources said that Al-Ahly club ended its agreement with the stars to include right-back Karim Fouad.

Meanwhile, Al-Ahly’s administration chose between Ahmed Samir, player of the pioneers of the army, and Abdel-Rahman Magdy, player of Ismaili, to strengthen the position of the right wing.

Musimani settled on restoring Ahmed Abdel Qader from Smouha to play as a substitute for Qafsha.

While Al-Ahly is considering the inclusion of Moroccan Sofiane Rahimi in the center of the left wing.


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