“He wants what the Al-Hilal player gets.”


Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Muhammad Al-Bukiri revealed exciting information about Saud Abdul Hamid’s request for the renewal of the federation.

Al-Bukiri wrote on his official Twitter account: “I am a big fan of the rising star, Saud Abdul Hamid, and I appreciate his agent, Brother Fahd. They have the right to demand renewal. In line with what he is currently receiving, Yasser Al-Shahrani, who spent ten years maintaining his brilliance and winning titles with Al-Hilal, and also the union has the right to be objective in his offer without outbidding or exaggerating the player of his age.

And he continued: I do not compare Saud_Abdul-Hamid and Yasser_Al-Shahrani. Rather, I mention a correct information: he and his agent. They are asking the Union to renew the same amount that Al-Shahrani is currently receiving in Al-Hilal. Is that clear?


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