He impersonated a Lebanese businessman and stole checks… Have you fallen victim to him?


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued a statement saying: “Gangs have recently proliferated promoting stolen checks and fraud in the southern suburbs and Beirut.”He continued, “Through the investigations and investigations carried out by the members of the Southern Suburb Detachment in the Judicial Police Unit, they were able to arrest one of these gang members and seize in his possession checks that were found to have been stolen, worth more than two million US dollars, called: H.M. (born in 1986, Lebanese). ), who confessed – during his interrogation – to promoting the stolen checks, worth 6/ million US dollars, accompanied by (M. Sh., born in 1984, Lebanese), (H. Sh., born in 1977, Lebanese) and (H. Sh., born in 1977, Lebanese). B., born in 1985, Lebanese) and that they stole them from one of the companies that sell computers in the Dekwaneh locality, impersonating Lebanese and Arab businessmen. The first and second were arrested, and work is continuing to arrest the third.

In the context, “The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces circulated, based on the signal of the competent judiciary, a picture of (H.M.), and asked those who fell victim to his actions to come to the aforementioned detachment center located in Ouzai – the barracks of martyr Mustafa Ali Hassan, or call: 451162 01, in preparation for taking the necessary legal measures.


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