Hatem Amour announces his wife’s recovery from cancer


Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow up with impartiality: The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip, in which the Moroccan artist Hatem Amour appeared with his wife and business manager Hind Al-Tazi, announcing that she had fully recovered from cancer, which she had contracted about two years ago, after a long treatment journey.

The circulating clip came during a ceremony held in Dubai; Hatem Amour celebrated the release of his new song “Without Borders”, amid the wide participation of his friends and guests.

In his speech regarding the news of his wife’s recovery from cancer, Hatem Amour said: “The most beautiful news I have heard in my life is the news of my wife’s recovery,” in front of a group of art and media stars and public figures.

Hatem Amour collaborated on his song “Ahla Ebdaa” from his album “Without Borders” in the Iraqi dialect, with the poet Imad Al-Asaad at the writing level, composed by Asaad Hassan and distributed by Hamza Al-Ghazi. He also filmed a video clip in Casablanca under the supervision of director Anas Al-Kad.

The song “Ahla Ebdaa” is the second song of Hatem Ammor’s “Without Borders” album, which is being released this year 2021, and includes a synthesis of many dialects and different musical colors, including Gulf, Iraqi and other Arabic dialects, in addition to a song in Spanish.

In September 2019, Hatem Amour and his wife, Hind Al-Tazi, posted on their Instagram account a picture of them smiling together and “Hind”, with a shaved head, in defiance of cancer, which she is silently resisting.

Hind commented at the time, in French, “She has cancer, so what? Praise be to God.. I keep my energy and smile… Life is beautiful… Thank you to my husband, my family and my friends for standing by me… I love you.”


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