Hanan Turk resolves the controversy over her return to acting – thought and art – stars and…


(MENAFN – Al-Bayan) Date: June 14, 2021 The retired Egyptian actress, Hanan Turk, resolved the controversy over her return to acting, stressing that she will remain far from the artistic community, noting that her current condition is in the hijab and with her husband, “A blessing that she wishes for her permanence.

Turk topped the lists of the most searched on communication sites during the past 24 hours, after the increasing demand to delete her image without a veil with her colleague Menna Shalaby, especially since Turk resolved the controversy about the possibility of removing the veil and returning to the artistic community, confirming through her account on Twitter that her current situation is in the veil and with Her husband “a blessing that she wishes will last.

Tweeters criticized Shalaby’s publication of a picture in which she appeared with Turk without a veil, so that the latter responded with a picture with a veil, accompanied by her husband, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Hanan wrote several tweets confirming her adherence to her current status as a wife, and her preference for her family life, in addition to that she will remain far from the artistic community.



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