Hanadi Muhanna is a poverty-stricken singer on “Eid Night”


The artist Hanadi Muhanna embodies the role of a singer who lives in a popular neighborhood and goes through many difficult circumstances during her work, which are revealed by the events.

The film, in general, monitors the suffering and oppression of women through several stages, including childhood, youth, married women, and men’s mistreatment of their wives, and its events take place in one day, between the day of the stand and the first day of Eid.

The film includes a group of stars, including the great actress Yousra andSamiha Ayoub, Reham Abdel-Afour, Sayed Ragab, Yousra El-Lozy, Abeer Sabry, Hanadi Muhanna, Mohamed Lotfy, Noha Saleh, Mayan El-Sayed, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul.

In another context, the artist Hanadi Muhanna revealed, during the “cooking” segment of the Her Excellency program, to the great artist, Esaad Younes, about the rituals of the artist Hanadi in the kitchen after marriage, and the way she prepares food for her husband, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, where she said: “I have rituals in the kitchen and it is very organized. The kitchen must remain clean. I do not know how to sleep when it is not clean, and I always put perfume and cream in the kitchen before I leave it because of the smell of onions.”“.


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