Hamas leader calls on Saudi Arabia to release Palestinian detainees


leader in

Members of Hamas

The leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”, Raafat Mura, called on the Saudi authorities to urgently release the representative of “Hamas” in the kingdom, Muhammad al-Khudari, and all the Palestinian detainees it holds.

Raafat once pointed out that “the continued detention of Al-Khudari and his brothers is a great injustice and abuse of the Palestinian people, their just cause, and the Palestinian-Saudi relationship,” noting that the movement calls on the Kingdom’s leadership to “take a bold and responsible decision to turn this page and immediately end this trial and return the detainees to their families, especially since it is not There is no violation committed by the detainees.”

The Hamas leader explained that, “Today, a session is being held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to try Palestinian detainees in Saudi Arabia, including the representative of Hamas in the kingdom, Muhammad al-Khudari,” pointing out that “Al-Khudari and his detained brothers and their families have been subjected to injustice and severe suffering for more than two years, and that This injustice and the suffering of families must end.”

Source: RT


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