Half of the European Union population received the vaccination


The European Center for Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention reported that the proportion of the European Union population who received a single dose of the vaccine against “Covid-19” amounted to 50.1 percent, and that 25.9 percent received full doses, after the number of doses distributed in the countries of the European Union so far. 273 million doses.

The center’s periodic report, which was issued yesterday (Friday), stated that the percentage of the European population over the age of eighty who received full doses of the vaccine amounted to 70.8 percent, and that the next three months will be a critical test for vaccination campaigns and plans that European countries have begun implementing to ease restrictions on The doors of the summer vacation and the tourism season, which were the sectors most affected by the closure and isolation measures during the pandemic.

This report comes the day after the World Health Organization, through its European regional center, directed an alert that the rate of vaccine coverage in Europe is not yet sufficient to contain the epidemic and prevent it from continuing to spread, calling on European governments to be gradual and cautious in plans to lift restrictions on movement and gatherings in public places.

A team of Austrian, German and Danish experts in public health and epidemiology had criticized what it described as the “risky rush” of European countries to ease restrictions on travel, movement within the countries of the Union and leisure activities. In a statement issued yesterday in the Austrian capital at the conclusion of a symposium on the lessons learned from the “Covid” pandemic and preparing to confront the next pandemic, the team considered that it was advisable to wait a few weeks before starting to implement the openness plans, and not to risk wasting the huge efforts that have been made so far in campaigns. Pollination and harsh restrictions imposed on economic activities. The team’s experts warned of the dense gatherings that usually accompany the European Football Championship matches, which started yesterday (Friday), in the Italian capital, Rome.

The European Center also stated that it assigned a team of experts to study and analyze the recent data received from the American Centers for Disease Control, and reported cases of inflammation in the membranes of the heart that appeared in a number of young people that exceeded what was expected after taking the second dose of the “Pfizer” and “Moderna” vaccines. . The American Center had reported that the number of cases doubled that contained in the data provided by the two companies when requesting approval to use the vaccine, but said that it was not yet certain that there was a causal relationship between vaccines and infections, of which 80 percent appeared a week after taking the second dose of the drug. The vaccine. It is noteworthy that the European Center had reported in its previous periodic report a week ago, an increase in symptoms caused by taking the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. He explained that the symptoms mentioned, which include high temperature, general exhaustion and pain in the joints and muscles, gradually decline and disappear completely after three or four days, and that they do not pose a threat to health.

At a time when several European countries are preparing to vaccinate young people under the age of 18, the German Vaccine Committee recommended, yesterday, not to generalize the distribution of vaccines to minors between the ages of 12 and 17 years, and to suffice with giving the vaccine to those previously suffering from diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases . A spokesman for the committee said: “We do not yet know the safety of vaccines for this age group, and the data currently available is still very limited and does not allow us to be sure that the benefits of vaccines for this group exceed the potential harm or complications that can arise later from vaccines.” It is noteworthy that the German government had decided to generalize the vaccination campaign to all residents over the age of 12, without specifying the categories.

From Paris, the French Emmanuel Macron called on major pharmaceutical companies to donate 10 percent of the vaccines they produce to poor countries, and said that he agreed with South Africa to submit a proposal to the G7 summit tomorrow to temporarily suspend the effects of vaccine patents, expressing his hope. The World Trade Organization will soon agree to this step. It should be noted that this issue still raises controversy within the European Union, where several countries, led by Germany, object to this proposal and call, in a first stage, to allow the export of vaccines.


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