Hala Sedky about her ex-husband: A cheap and country style.. He said about me what no one said about me


The artist, Hala Sedky, said that she refuses to have any discussions with her ex-husband, Sameh Sami, who asked her in the House of Obedience, explaining that she and her children have been subjected to what she called “insults” seven years ago by “Sammy.”She added, during a telephone interview with the “Cairo Talk” program on the “Cairo and the People” screen, on Sunday evening, that her ex-husband is trying to use the social media to influence her, but she stressed that she should remain silent in order not to reveal the secrets of the house to the public opinion, as she put it.

And she continued, “He said about me what no-one says, and I do not follow this municipal and cheap method, and I will never go down to him, no matter what he does,” noting that she refused to travel with him to the United States when Egypt was subjected to severe terrorism.

“Hala” explained that the Christian religion does not have a divorce or a house of obedience, considering that Sameh did it as a “show” in order to achieve fame and be under the spotlight, as he put it.

The famous artist confirmed that he forced her to go out to public opinion and make statements about what she described as “private life”, commenting: “He wanted to become famous, because I am his fame, but people knew him right.”

“Hala” spoke about the idea of ​​the church’s intervention to solve the crisis, saying that this intervention is permissible if it is from a person who knows God and understands the origins and sanctities of the home, wife and children, as he put it, pointing out that the church has nothing to do with the crisis.

“Hala” was a picture of her request in the house of obedience, by her husband who resides in the United States, and he had appeared in a live broadcast on Facebook, during which he divorced the famous artist.


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