Hala Al-Turk faces harsh criticism after she presented her summer nights.. in the video


The Bahraini actress was exposedHala Al TurkA major attack by some followers on social media, days after the release of a video clip for her new song “​summer nights​”, which Duo collected with the Lebanese artist and directorGad ShwireyThey considered that she was not successful with this song.
They also pointed out that the song is poor in terms of words and melodies, stressing that choosing a solution is bad, and they asked her to slow down in studying her artistic options in the future.

A solution appeared in the clip with a cheerful, youthful summer look, in line with the song’s atmosphere. With Gad, she presented a group of show dances on the sea, conveying optimism and positivity to the audience.
The song is written by Jad Choueiri, composed by Roberto Ferrari and Gad Choueiri, arranged by Suleiman Damian, and the clip directed by Jad Choueiri.

Mona Al-SaberShe reveals new details about her case with her daughter, Hala Al-Turk

On the other hand, Mona Al-Saber revealed new details about her imprisonment, due to her case with her daughter, Hala Al-Turk, against the background of a disputed sum of money between them, estimated at 20 thousand Bahraini dinars, and helped the end of the second period specified for collecting the amount.
And she added in a video clip that she posted on her private page on the social networking site, that according to the lawsuit filed by her daughter against her to return the amount, which she obtained from her to spend on herself and her brother, the deadline has expired and the required amount has not been completed.
She added that she does not know her fate currently from the court, commenting that she is waiting for what will happen with her, given that the case is as it is, without the presence of the problematic amount.


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