Haifa Wehbe ignites a sensation with a photo session in which she showed her butt!!


The Lebanese actress, Haifa Wehbe, caused a sensation with a “hot” photo she recently published from a new photo session, in which she appears with an exciting and daring look.
Haifa Wehbe appears in the photo, sitting on the ground, wearing a dress consisting of more than one material, such as silk and lace, in iridescent colors. She showed part of her buttocks and her legs. It seems that Haifa Wehbe deliberately published the photo while banning comments from followers, because she expected an attack on her because of her audacity.

Haifa Wehbe in her last photo session
Haifa Wehbe in her last photo session

Haifa Wehbe Showing her luxury sports car

A few days ago, the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe showed off her luxury sports car, and appeared next to her with an exciting look that sparked controversy.
Haifa Wehbe published several photos from her latest photo session through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in (casual) clothes, wearing pants, a T-shirt and sunglasses.
Haifa took her pictures next to her red Lamborghini sports car, which she reviewed from more than one angle.
Despite the thousands of comments on the pictures, Haifa Wehbe ignored them all and responded only to the Lebanese beauty expert Bassam Fattouh, who gave him an emoji (kiss), after he put an emoji (heart).

Haifa Wehbe and Mohamed Waziri

In another context, the Egyptian judiciary issued a new decision, which may be the last, to end the case of Haifa Wehbe and her former business manager, Mohamed Waziri, to recover her looted money.
According to local media, the Sheikh Zayed Court of Appeal in Egypt has ordered the transfer of the entire case file to a committee of experts whose task is to inventory Haifa Wehbe’s wealth in Egypt, and to prepare a comprehensive report on Waziri’s wealth and its source to find out how much of the Lebanese artist’s money was embezzled during the period of obtaining an agency them to manage their business.
The court refused to release Muhammad Waziri on bail and ordered his continued detention pending the case, knowing that he was convicted in the first sentence of 5 years in prison, for accusing him of defrauding Haifa.
Al-Waziri filed an appeal against the verdict, and if his request is accepted, he will be acquitted, while if the verdict is upheld, Haifa Wehbe will be allowed to recover her stolen money.
Haifa Wehbe sent a message to her lawyer’s team after winning the case and published his picture through the “Stories” feature on her account via the “Instagram” social networking application, in which one of them appears while pointing his hand with the victory sign.

Haifa Wehbe had impressed the pioneers of social networking sites when she supported the Palestinian people, coinciding with the silence of the Arab rulers on what happened in the Gaza Strip, from the Israeli bombing in a brutal aggression that targeted the Palestinians and left hundreds of martyrs and wounded.
Haifa Wehbe described what is happening in Gaza as a crime against humanity.
And she said in a tweet via (Twitter): (God protects the beloved Palestine and its people).
Haifa Wehbe’s tweet received wide interaction on social media platforms, from comments that accompanied her tweet amid the silence of Arab rulers who were satisfied with statements of condemnation only.
Some of the tweeters described the Lebanese artist as “the pride of the Arabs”.

Some of the tweeters said that what Haifa said about what is happening in Gaza was not said by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed.

(You will not become Haifa Wehbe)

In another context, Haifa’s daughter, Zainab Fayyad, recently sparked controversy over their relationship, after she appeared in a video imitating her mother by singing the song “I found the tabab” by Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi with her daughter Daniela.

Followers accused Zainab Fayyad of imitating her mother, especially that she has the same tone of voice, and speaks like her.

Zainab Fayyad used to appear on the social media with her two daughters playing and dancing, and sang for the first time to her mother the song “Tuta Tota” after much controversy about her relationship with her mother Haifa, and commented at the time: “The paragraph that you all love, the paragraph of me and Daniela, Daniela is what she says is tuta tuta Length of the day”.

At that time, Zainab Fayyad raised questions from her followers about the approach of reconciliation between her and her mother.

Zainab Fayyad had previously sparked widespread controversy with her unexpected statements about her mother, praising her, stressing that she was the reason behind her popularity on “social networking.”

Zainab Fayyad confirmed at the time, in statements to the “ET Arabic” program, on the “MBC 4” channel, that everyone who follows her on “Social Media” is because of her mother.

She said: “If God loves a slave, He loves His servants in him… and His servants love my mother.”

On one occasion, Zainab Fayyad was agitated by a follow-up, wishing her mother would die, so she responded harshly.

Where the follow-up wrote to Haifa’s daughter, a comment in which he said about the explosion of the port of Beirut: “I wish she died and we got rid of her disgust for her mother.” She replied immediately, saying to her: “God willing, you filthy one.

Laila Ahmed reveals Haifa’s relationship with her daughter

Earlier, Kuwaiti critic Laila Ahmed sparked widespread controversy after revealing the nature of Haifa’s relationship with her only daughter, Zainab Fayyad, and said that it was just a “media show” for marketing.

Laila Ahmed said during her appearance on the “Al-Seef” program on the atv channel that there is no evidence of a rupture between Haifa and her daughter, adding: “I think that the reason for the number of Zainab’s followers to reach 833,000 followers via Instagram is just because she is Haifa Wehbe’s daughter and looks like her and has a look and sweetness.” The wit of Haifa, also mature and heavy, is not scratchy.”

And Laila Ahmed continued: “They are not separated from each other, and what is happening is part of marketing and marketing. The girl is free, large, and Haifa is independent and able to communicate with her daughter.”

And she concluded, confirming: “So the issue is marketing, and they communicate without appearing, because there is no justification for the estrangement and Haifa supports her daughter, and there is no logic for the continuation of the estrangement, and she is small and possible, but she has grown.”

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