Haifa Wehbe and Akram Hosni achieve 5 million views on “If I were” via…


Haifa and Akram

Haifa and Akram

The clip “If I Was” by Lebanese Haifa Wehbe and artist Akram Hosni achieved 5 million views on YouTube, 5 days after its release.

The clip released the trend via YouTube in 3 Arab countries, namely Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, and the song received a great interaction from the audience, before its release, as Akram Hosni launched before the clip was released, a hashtag bearing the name of the song, and the audience and a large number of artists interacted with him.

“If You” is written and composed by Akram Hosni, distributed by Toma, produced by Ideology for artistic and media production, and directed by Hossam Al-Husseini.

It says the lyrics of the song.

If I were a rabbit, the elephant would be my friend

If I were a magazine, I would be Samir, not Mickey

If I were a ring, of course I would notice you

If you were Gibraltar, I would ask you about your past

If I were a contest, I would be a beauty pageant, and I would see beauty girls and there I would miss you

If I were a book, I would be a book about beauty

If there is a question about Al-Dala, I will answer the question

If I were a railway, I would be right. I would never be left in a difficult equation and its solution needs a thousand possibilities

If I were a game, I would be a Barbie doll dressed in a baby girl, my heart can’t be played by any children

If I were the day I died, I would stay the day you touched

If I were to be an important need, I would be a smiley face masked in a mothers group

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