Hackers infiltrate the systems of one of the largest producers of video games in the world


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CNN said online forum posts seen and vetted by an independent cybersecurity expert revealed that on June 6, hackers had obtained 780 gigabytes of company data.

This included the source code of Frostbyte, a game engine the company uses to power FIFA, Madden football, the Battlefield series, and others.

The hackers claimed to have full capacity to exploit all EA services, and also claimed to have stolen FIFA 21 SDKs and FIFA 22 matchmaking server code.

For his part, Brett Kalow, a cybersecurity expert and threat analyst at Emsisoft, said that losing control of source code could be an issue for EA’s business, adding: “The source code could theoretically be copied by other developers or used to create game hacks.” .

Ikram Ahmed, a spokesperson for cybersecurity firm Check Point, said: “Anytime the source code is leaked, it’s not good. Hackers can navigate through the code, identify deeper flaws to exploit, and sell previous code on the dark web to malicious threat actors.” .


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