Habib is ready for professional football: Childhood dream


Former UFC World Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has said that he has received offers from some football clubs interested in his services.
Habib has been playing football since he announced his retirement from mixed martial arts last year, after raising his clean professional record to 29 victories, and he is a staunch supporter of Real Madrid.
Habib spoke to his fans in a question and answer via Facebook, and hinted for the first time that he might be ready to accept an offer from a major club to fulfill his “childhood dream”.
During the online video chat, Khabib said, “A lot of football clubs are offering me a contract, but I have to get into the form first, because the form of football is different from martial arts, when you have to fight, and then you play football, they are two different things. “.
However, Habib added, “If some club offers me a deal and it sparks my interest, I will accept because it is my childhood dream.”


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