Gulf News | “Bahrain and Kuwait” launches a framework for environmental, social and governance “sustainability”.


BBK announced the launch of its new sustainability framework, in a move that reflects the bank’s keenness to Aligning its priorities in the field of governance, environmental preservation and social responsibility within the United Nations directives for sustainable development, And the vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030 to build a strong economy, a stable, efficient and prosperous society.

This new framework represents a model for the bank’s board of directors and its executive management through which it directs the decision-making and supervision process It is required to ensure social and environmental responsibility and commitment to governance, and to achieve maximum value for the Bank’s valued shareholders and customers, and community organizations Civil and civil. The framework is based on four main pillars: corporate governance, the bank’s responsibility to employees, and the promotion of long-term relationships Standing with customers, and finally dedicating a culture of social responsibility.

In the interest of BBK to ensure that the sustainability framework is implemented as effectively as possible, the Bank has established The Sustainability Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation and development of the Bank’s sustainability strategy. The Bank’s Board of Directors has also assigned the Nomination, Benefits and Governance Committee the responsibility of following up on the implementation of the sustainability framework and the Bank’s performance In the indicators that have been adopted for it.

On this occasion, Dr. Abdulrahman Ali Saif, Group CEO of BBK said: The Bank’s sustainable development framework is an essential element in completing the requirements of corporate governance, through which all operations are organized internal affairs, and adopting the use of effective and rational methods related to the conduct of the bank’s affairs, the preservation of shareholders’ rights, and the promotion of performance Outstanding. The new framework also ensures that the aspirations of customers in digital transformation are met and the level of service and products, especially products that are Supporting customers and society in the long term.

Dr. Saif clarified that BBK will be keen, through this framework, to play a leading role in Addressing sustainability issues, including continuing to develop human cadres through qualification, training and expansion In the applications of open banking, financial technology «Fintech» and environmental support. The Bank will announce the general framework and policies regulating it on its official website in order for shareholders and our valued customers View them in accordance with best practices in this regard.


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