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Apple’s cloud service (iCloud) is a platform for storing files and services on the cloud that provides users Secure ways to store and share files, and sync information across multiple devices.

Apple’s iCloud service allows users to store, back up and access a variety of files and information access, view, edit, and share, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos, and audio Email and more across multiple authorized Apple devices with other authorized users.

If the device is lost, iCloud users can send a remote command to the device by setting its lost status, Which helps protect device data from unauthorized use and encourages anyone who finds it The device can be contacted by the owner, and users of the service can also perform the process of wiping the data from the device remotely, If necessary to remove personal data from the lost device.

This service allows synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, reminders and notes, and when this service is activated on devices على Apple automatically syncs information across all authorized devices, and contacts can be created and shared on All devices are modified from any device.

Apple computer users can share folders and files using a special link, which authorized users can then access بعد to files, make modifications, add new files, and review updated versions. Users who choose to backup all their photos and videos from Apple devices can use this service , regardless of which device the photo was initially taken on.

This service is considered a competition to other cloud services such asOneDriveAndBoxAndDropboxAndGoogle‭ ‬Drive, which is mainly intended for personal computers running other systems but also works for Apple users, where Provides secure and reliable cloud file synchronization and storage services for information backup, as well as enabling management Personal information such as email, calendar, etc., and share and distribute files with authorized users.

Apple is expanding the benefits of this service by enabling users to track data and information on their devices Lost devices, restore, better secure and erase, iCloud interface provides access across Internet browsers To private mail service and sync, notes, reminders, contacts, calendar, etc..

Users of Apple devices benefit more from the advantages of this cloud service, because this service has been integrated into all Apple devices operating systems to provide the user with a more stable and reliable service.

This service allows a family group to share the same service with up to five family members. With Family Sharing, approved family members can share everything from files, ebooks, and apps Sync in storage, help family members find lost devices, monitor screen time, and more .

The video is encrypted and transmitted securely in this service, where users can store files for 10 days Free videos without counting in the user’s private storage.

5 GB of storage is included free for any iCloud account; storage space is availableتوافر Additional paid at prices starting from 0.37 BD per month for 50 GB space; at the price of 1. 3 Bahraini dinars per month for 200 GB, and 2 terabytes at a price of 3.76 Bahraini dinars in month approx.


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