“Gossip fills the void” .. Al-Farraj launches a fierce attack on Saudi journalists


Veteran Saudi journalist Walid Al-Faraj sharply criticized some Saudi media figures regarding their statements during the past three years, noting that they are just gossip that fills the void.

Al-Farraj had announced his return to the Saudi “MBC” network, and he will present the “Action with Walid” program, coinciding with the start of the new season of the Saudi League.

Al-Farraj, who used to present the “Al-Douri with Walid” program during the past seasons, made clear his rejection of the spread of fanatics’ talk on the media platforms.

He said through his official account on Twitter, “I understand the decline in the severity of administrative statements in Saudi clubs and the disappearance of most presidents and senior honoraries from making hot statements since 2018, but it is unreasonable for the fans’ sidelines and the gossip of some affiliated with the club’s media to turn into an alternative to this void.”