Google Updates Search Engine Algorithms | Newspaper


The giant American Internet services and technology company, Google, announced that it has changed the algorithms responsible for operating the famous search engine Google, in an attempt to combat websites that spread misleading and undocumented content about others. This is a new step for the company, which historically adopted the principle of non-interference in the presentation of search results.

These changes are aimed at combating the activity of extortion and online defamation, through which Internet sites spread lies and offensive information about people, so that they appear at the top of the lists of search results on Google for searching for the name of the person, and these sites do not delete these materials unless they get paid. the victim.

The New York Times had reported earlier that Google had started changing the search engine algorithms, after the American newspaper published a series of articles warning of the new method of electronic blackmail that uses the existing Google search engine algorithms.

Google has also created a “Known Victims” list, which includes the names of people who report to Google that they have been victims of extortion. Google says that it will provide protection for these people when displaying and ranking search results, so that the appearance of this offensive content on other sites is prevented when you search for the names of these people.

“For years, our approach has been to remedy deficiencies in search rankings, and we have not embraced the approach of correcting individual queries, but we have taken these examples and are looking for ways to make broad improvements to our search algorithms,” Badu Nayak, a Google Vice President who heads the search quality teams, said in a statement. .


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