Google releases the second beta version of Android 12


Google launched the second public beta version of the Android 12 update, which includes a set of features announced during the developer conference last month, including the “Privacy Dashboard”.

Google offers in the Android update 12 keys to turn off the microphone and camera, with indicators that show the sensors used, with a new design for WiFi settings.

The Privacy Dashboard feature provides the user with details about the applications that access the camera, microphone, and GPS.

The Privacy Dashboard feature also allows the user to access details about sensor activity in a timeline, showing the reasons for using sensors in apps.

The user can also have the quick sensor shutdown feature in Android 12 to secure the user’s communications more efficiently.

Also, when you open the camera and microphone sensors, the applications will reach a blank camera, and a summary of the audio, and Android 12 will show a small dot in the status bar if one of the sensors is used in applications.



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