Google makes Workspace and Chat services available to all its users


Google has officially announced that Google Workspace, a suite of solutions focused on productivity and collaboration, is now freely available to all of its more than 3 billion users.

The company indicated, as techcrunch reports, that anyone with a Google account will be able to access this workspace for free, while companies will have a new subscription offer.


The search giant also wants to combine the service with its popular apps, such as Gmail, Docs and Chat, into a single tab, so people can switch between apps without losing context.

The company will also be able to analyze how more than 3 billion users use all the products in practice, and they can be used on both desktop and laptop computers.

The “initiative” is part of Google’s intention to replace G Suite with Workspace in October of last year.


One of the most noticeable elements in the bundle of services, which is now free for all, is Google Chat, which will replace the classic version of Hangouts.

Once activated, e-mail and instant conversations will be co-located, in this way group meetings can be created, with the ability to share files and pending tasks.

In addition, individual or group video calls can be configured for up to a hundred people, and Chat can be downloaded for Android and iOS, through the application available in the respective official stores.


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