Gold prices in Morocco today, Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Gold prices in Morocco rose today, Tuesday, 6-8-2021, amid a global decline in the yellow metal, as of writing the report.

The gold prices in Morocco were as follows:

The price of 24 carat gold in Morocco recorded about 537.01 dirhams ($ 60.88), compared to 534.86 dirhams ($ 60.60), yesterday.

And the price of 21 carat gold in Morocco was about 469.90 dirhams ($ 53.27), compared to 468.01 dirhams ($ 53.03), Monday.

The price of 18-carat gold in Morocco was about 402.77 dirhams ($45.66), compared to 401.15 dirhams ($45.45) yesterday.

The price of an ounce of 24-carat gold in Morocco was about 16,701 dirhams (1894 dollars), compared to 16,634 dirhams (1885 dollars) on Monday.

As for the price of the gold pound (the weight of 8 grams, caliber 21 carats), it was recorded in Morocco about 3759 dirhams (426.20 dollars), compared to 3,744 dirhams (424.24 dollars) yesterday.

global gold prices

Gold fell on Tuesday as the dollar rose, while investors cautiously awaited economic data due this week to assess inflation pressures and the US Federal Reserve’s stance on monetary policy.

And gold fell in spot trading 0.1 percent to $ 1896.94 an ounce (an ounce) by 0505 GMT, while gold settled in futures trading in the United States at $ 1899.10.

The dollar index rose 0.1 percent against its rivals, making gold more expensive for holders of other currencies.

“Inflation has been on the rise in recent weeks, and traders are waiting for confirmation from US data this week that price levels continue to rise,” said Margaret Yang, an analyst at the Daily Fix, referring to Thursday’s US consumer price report.


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