Gold prices in Kuwait today, Wednesday 6-9 2021


The price of an “ounce” of gold declined today, Wednesday, 6-6 2021, to record one “ounce” at a price of 569.85 Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to 1894.30 US dollars, while the price of the “gold pound” recorded 146.57 Kuwaiti dinars. what Equivalent to 487.23 US price in Kuwait This morning, Wednesday 9-6-2021

We show prices gold In Kuwait this morning, Wednesday, 9-6-2021, according to the latest price update in the prices of gold categories, and gold prices were in Kuwait Today is as follows:

price gold 24 karat today in Kuwait, 18.32 Kuwaiti dinars, corresponding to 60.90 US dollars.

The price of a gram of 22 karat gold today in Kuwait is 16.79 Kuwaiti dinars, compared to 55.83 US dollars.

price gold Today, 21 karat in Kuwait reached 16.03 Kuwaiti dinars, compared to 53.29 US dollars.

The price of 18 karat gold today in Kuwait is 13.74 Kuwaiti dinars, and it corresponds to 45.68 dollars.

The price of an ounce in Kuwait Today, 569.85 Kuwaiti dinars, compared to 1894.30 US dollars.

And the price of the “gold pound” was 146.57 Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to 487.23 US dollars.

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