Gold prices in Jordan today, Monday, June 7, 2021


Gold prices rose in Jordan on Monday 7-6-2021, and the General Syndicate of Jewelery Store Owners announces prices daily with the necessity of commitment

The prices of gold categories in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan were as follows:

A gram of 24 karat gold in Jordan was recorded at 42.99 Jordanian dinars ($60.63).

A gram of 21 karat gold in Jordan was also recorded at 37.62 Jordanian dinars ($53.06).

While a gram of 18 karat gold in Jordan recorded about 32.24 Jordanian dinars ($45.48).

As for the gold pound, it was recorded in Jordan about 300.94 Jordanian dinars (424.44 dollars).

Jordan’s economy is above challenges

Despite the challenges, and its geographical location in the middle of a region full of conflicts and fluctuations, and the scarcity of resources and natural wealth in it, Jordan was able to build its economy by investing in infrastructure and human cadres and building economic sectors that contribute significantly to the domestic product, especially trade, services, tourism and industry.

A quarter of the GDP comes from the industrial sector, while more than half of it comes from the trade and services sector, at a time when tourism contributes 14% of the Jordanian GDP, and the digital economy sector represented in information and communication technology contributes about 12% of the Jordanian GDP, according to data Jordanian local.

Jordan’s economy depends mainly on the services sector, trade, tourism, information and communication technology, and on some extractive industries such as fertilizers, medicines, potash and phosphates. A productivity of more than 7 million tons of phosphates annually, according to the company’s website.


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