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In a new step that embodies the rapid growth witnessed by the Kingdom in the information and computer field, Saudi Arabia launched the “Riyadh Initiative”, which establishes a global platform and information network to combat corruption under the name “Globe”, linking anti-corruption agencies to exchange information around the world, and the service provides 3 options to achieve the goal. And it will enhance joint international cooperation in law enforcement between the authorities concerned with combating corruption, and develop a quick and effective tool to combat cross-border corruption crimes, and it will also provide important funds to confront the repercussions of Corona.According to the head of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority, Mazen Al-Kahmous, during the inauguration, “if all countries of the world are able to exchange information about those wanted in corruption, the result is that it is unimaginable that someone loots state funds and escapes to another country and becomes safe. This electronic platform can exchange information in an easy and fast way, and that was the effort of many months of work.”

He added that by launching the “Riyadh Initiative” the global operational network for anti-corruption law enforcement authorities (Globe), the Kingdom realizes that overcoming the challenges of cross-border corruption crimes requires close interaction between the relevant law enforcement authorities, appreciating the efforts of all countries and international organizations made with the relevant United Nations office. Drugs and crime in the creation of the network. These initiatives would also enhance the joint efforts of countries in combating corruption, and welcome the establishment of the Global Network for Law Enforcement Authorities Concerned with Combating Corruption (Globe), which was established at the initiative of the Kingdom under its presidency of the G20 countries during the past year 2020, and this is considered the beginning of a new phase for all countries in the fight against corruption. The Chairman of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority called on the international community to actively participate in the establishment of the Globe network, and to provide the necessary support for the success of this initiative and to follow up on its development to serve the common interests of all countries, stressing the importance of joint cooperation between member states to combat corruption and limit it to the narrowest scope, so that our societies enjoy the development sustainable in environments characterized by integrity and transparency.

The United Nations: We appreciate the role of Saudi Arabia in establishing the network

The GlobE initiative aims to develop a rapid and effective tool to combat cross-border corruption, enhance cooperation between anti-corruption authorities, establish a global network of anti-corruption law enforcement authorities, create a secure global platform to facilitate the exchange of information between anti-corruption law enforcement authorities, and promote Recover the looted funds, and launch a capacity building program within the network for employees of anti-corruption authorities.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said, “Corruption is an immoral act and a serious transnational crime.” He added, “We value Saudi Arabia’s role in establishing a global anti-corruption network during the G20 Summit,” stressing that the establishment of the network is a very important matter.

He added that a global anti-corruption network will provide important funds to confront the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, as it will provide 3 options to achieve the goal, adding that the anti-corruption network will also work to combat cross-border terrorism, and its success depends on dialogue between international partners.


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