Global oil prices drop – Al-Rai newspaper


Amman – Petra

Oil prices fell with the opening of the US market today, Thursday, after rising earlier in the US market’s trading, to give up its highest level in 3 years, on its way to incurring the first loss in the last 5 days.

According to the Washington Post, the decline came due to correction and profit-taking, in light of the growing fears of supply shortage in the United States, after a significant decrease in US inventories, and the slowdown in US oil production.

US crude fell by 0.8 percent to the level of $ 72.64, from the opening level at $ 73.25, and recorded the highest level at $ 73.58.

Brent crude fell 0.6 percent to $74.80 a barrel, from the opening level at $75.27, and recorded the highest level at $75.76.


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