Giant planes return to the skies of Germany .. The secret on the island of Mallorca


The airline “Lufthansa” has resorted to giant planes to meet the requests for travel to the Spanish island of Mallorca, which has increased 25 times.

German airline Lufthansa has returned to operating giant Boeing 747-8 aircraft, with the number of German tourists intending to travel to the tourist island of Mallorca in Spain rising.

The secret of the Spanish island

Lufthansa said that the number of tickets booked from Frankfurt to Mallorca has increased 25-fold since last April, prompting it to operate Boeing 747-8 aircraft with a load of 364 passengers, although the flight does not take more than two hours. , according to the German news agency.

Airlines were usually using large planes on long-haul flights, according to the US Bloomberg News Agency, on Friday.

It is scheduled to start operating Boeing 747-8 aircraft between Frankfurt and Mallorca, on consecutive Saturdays, from July 17, until Saturday, August 7.

Lufthansa also plans to use the A350 wide-body aircraft between Munich and Mallorca.

Lufthansa usually uses Boeing 747s on its flights to distant destinations such as “Tokyo” and “Los Angeles”, while smaller planes such as “A321”, which carry 215 passengers, are used on short trips within the European continent.

When were giant planes used?

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that airlines have used giant planes for short-range flights, as the French “Air France” used the giant Airbus “A380” plane, which carries up to 500 passengers, on flights between “London” and “Paris” in 2010.

British Airways also intends to use large aircraft on its flights between Britain and Greece, with the return of tourism traffic and the lifting of travel restrictions imposed due to Corona.

Germany lifts travel warnings

And starting next July, Germany plans to raise travel warnings for travelers to areas considered high-risk for the outbreak of the Corona virus.

On Friday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that his country intends to lift travel warnings for tourists heading to areas considered high-risk, to return the situation to what it was before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

He continued: This step will come into effect on the first of next July, while signs are showing that the pandemic is slowing down.

“After months of lockdown, we can look forward to more normalcy and that includes travel,” Maas said.


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