Gharib reveals the fate of Mohamed Salah’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics


Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, revealed the fact that Liverpool FC rejected Mohamed Salah’s joining the national team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Gharib said, “We have not received a final response from Liverpool regarding Mohamed Salah’s participation in the Olympics, and the English team has not yet refused,” adding: “The Football Association has not yet informed us of the rejection of the request.”

Gharib added: “I have not communicated with Mohamed Salah in the recent period, and the administrative body is the one who contacted Salah, and we have a system in such matters, and we choose the required players carefully.”

And the coach of the Olympic team continued: “When anything happens or a response to the inclusion of Mohamed Salah, we will be informed directly, and Salah’s joining the team is a big event that will be published in the whole world if Liverpool makes the final decision, and when Liverpool informs us, we will announce directly, or Liverpool will announce through its platforms.”

Shawky Gharib continued: “We have not yet addressed any major player to join the national team except Mohamed Salah, and we will announce on the 30th of this month the full list, and all clubs have matches now, and we are following up on technical cases and injuries before the final announcement.”

Gharib indicated that he put 8 names of the big players to include 3 of them in Tokyo 2020, they are: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Muhammad Abu Jabal, Ayman Ashraf, Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh, Ahmed Hegazy, Tariq Hamed, Muhammad Al-Nani and Muhammad Salah.

Gharib concluded: I do not have an arrangement among the eight names because I do not know the situation on the 30th, and I cannot announce the arrangement now because of the circumstances and needs at the end of the month, and they are all ready, and representing Egypt is a great honor.


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